Quotations generated by RZ Synergy Enterprise shall be valid within 30 days of the date of the quotations, unless stated in terms or agreed otherwise by the Company.

Quotations generated are bound by the Company’s Terms, Conditions and Policies.


RZ Synergy Enterprise reserves the right to change pricing without prior notice. Please write in by email email (admin@rzsynergy.com) to obtain quotations, price confirmation, stock availability, and product information.

The company reserves the right to increase the price of any goods to account for any alteration in the cost of materials, parts, labour, or to account for any changes in work or delivery schedules or quantities, or to account for increases of the company’s costs of any kind arising for any reason after the date of the order, made or caused by the customer.

Prices quoted in the quotations by the company are ex-works, and exclude insurance, freight, packaging and delivery charges, unless stated otherwise in writing by the company.


Original Invoice is generated and given to customers, by hand, when the customers collect their orders from the company. Original Invoice is generated and included in the parcel or consignment if the orders are instructed by the customers to be shipped to them.


All Proforma Invoices must be payable without discount of any kind, unless offered by the Company, in Ringgit Malaysia (RM) within thirty (30) days from the date of Proforma Invoice, otherwise the order is considered cancel.


All goods sold are not returnable, not refundable and not exchangeable.


All shipments are chargeable. The fees vary by product type, weight and final destination. RZ Synergy Enterprise delivers orders mostly by Courier. Delivery time is determined by the speed of the payment made and cleared. The original Invoice is included in the parcel or consignment.

Goods are delivered after Five (5) working days from date of remittance or after the payment is confirmed to be received by the Company.


RZ Synergy Enterprise shall ensure that every order is error-free and every product is free of damage and in proper working condition, prior to packaging and delivery. Thus, it is the responsibility of the customer to inspect all goods upon receipt within three (3) working days. The company will, then, investigate for claim of any short-shipment. The delivery is not insured, thereby, the company is not liable to any damages or lost caused during shipping.

All sales transaction by RZ Synergy Enterprise are subject to the company Terms, Conditions & Policies, unless agreed otherwise in writing.